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Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Mediation: FAQ

What is mediation?

The Mediator will act as an impartial facilitator to assist the parties in a
negotiation aimed at the resolution of issues between them. All parties will work with the Mediator to isolate points of agreement and disagreement, to identify their interests, to explore alternative solutions, and to consider compromises or accommodations

What happens in a mediation session?

Intro/Ground Rules: The mediator introduces the participants and lays out the ground rules, including the expectation of confidentiality.  Opening Remarks: The mediator will ask each party to present their view of the issues without interruption and to express their desired outcome for the mediation. Facilitated Discussions: The mediator will give each party an opportunity to express their issues/concerns or ask questions to the other party.  The goal is for each side to gain a better understanding of the other's needs and concerns, while voicing their own. During this step, the mediator facilitates the discussion and repeats back to the party what they heard for clarification and understanding.

Is mediation worth my time?

Mediation is forward looking; the goal is for all parties to work out a solution they can live with and trust. It focuses on solving problems, not uncovering the truth or imposing legal rules.  It is private, confidential, less expensive than litigation, and can preserve relationships.

Please feel free to contact us.  We'll be happy to answer your questions about the process.

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