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Got Questions?

Our business is based on providing professional guidance and solutions, which means we receive many questions from clients. Check out a few of the most common inquiries below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll find it for you. Every question is important to us, so don’t hesitate in reaching out to us.

How do I know that your company is the right consulting agency for me?

When most people consider utilizing HR consulting services, they find agencies that typically only handle matters to resolve questions such as recruiting or hiring, possibly administrative functions such as payroll. While these types of consultancy firms are helpful, however, they don't help you resolve those most critical HR-related issues--issues that are loaded with risk that could expose you and/or your business to legal, financial, or reputational risk. We are poised and ready to help you deal with those challenges to help protect you and the business you have grown.

My company has an "HR Person" already, why should I consult with Guardian Business Solutions?

Many small businesses have an "HR Person" or even an HR staff to help them with routine matters to support their workforce.  However, some issues are more complex and require not only expertise, but also time to focus solely on those issues. This is why you should consult with us.

My employees have reported issues and I am not sure if we are handling these issues properly.  How can you help?

We understand the critical nature of resolving and responding to employee concerns and complaints.  While many issues may initially appear mundane, they can often (and quickly) spiral into something much more complex. Consulting and investigating these types of issues is the core of what we do. Our goal is to help you quickly respond to these issues and help protect your business from any unnecessary risk.

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